Every family wants to find a way to make their beliefs intelligible to children, do that people of all ages can work together and share experiences. A book like this one provides an introduction to the most basic values, but also suggests that there are areas that may require greater study or self-cultivation. People can choose to make a commitment to their religion at any age, but they still need some guidance to understand what they are committing themselves to doing. There are still relatively few materials about CaoDai available in English, so this book makes a major contribution to understanding this new religion. It will be appreciated both by Vietnamese families whose children are mainly English speaking and by non- Vietnamese people interested in discovering the basic principles of CaoDai. As a student and researcher who has been learning about CaoDai for a number of years, I am very grateful to Hum and Hong Bui for the guidance that they have given me, and I think that this b
CaoDai teaches that all humans receive a spark of the spirit of God and are thus brothers and sisters from the same Father God. We all possess a common sublime origin to which we all can come back to realize lasting peace and happiness. This conception offers a way of life, which we believe has a great potential to bring religions together in harmony. This booklet will give the reader succinct notions on that concept and its way of peaceful happy life for our human family in the midst of many diverse traditions. Hum Dac Bui, MD Hong Dang Bui, MD
Karma is the law of Justice. We reap what we sow. If we plant good seeds in our garden, we’ll have a good harvest. Thus, kind, compassionate thoughts will enlighten our mind, heart, behavior and lead us to a joyful, happy relationship. Our spirit will be lifted.
Take a moment to read about CAO DAI. Contained are links to the chapters which tell you about this religion and history behind it. Not only will it be time well spent on your soul but also you will learn an important part of history of the CAO DAI and its spiritualism.