Love and justice for all constitute the immediate task of Cao Dai but the ultimate goal is to help mankind to escape the tragedy of re-incarnation by way of self cultivation.

On a practical field, Cao Dai promotes two ways of salvation: the exoterism and the esoterism.

Exoterism: In this discipline, the adepts continue to lead a family life while devoting to the practice of good and the avoidance of evil. The first rule is to abstain from destroying living beings including plants and animals for these are not only part of God but are also products of the re-incarnation cycle.

In practicing exoterism, Cao Dai serves the world with a sense of international brotherhood, in accordance with God's teaching. By introducing the word "God is you, and you are God", Cao Dai adds a new dimension to the concept of religion.

Most Cao Daists belong to the exoteric school. The principal temple called the Holy See, is located in Tay Ninh, Viet Nam.

Esoterism: As he strives for an earlier union with God, the esoterist concentrates in cultivating his personal salvation, by way of meditation and self purification.