.: CaoDai International Convention  

CaoDai International Convention
December 25 – 26, 2004
at Universal CaoDai Temple
573 W. 10th street, Pomona, CA

Participants: CaoDai Organizations and disciples from Australia, England, Canada, Utah, San Jose, San Bernardino, Little Saigon Temple, Westminster, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Pomona, Corona, El Monte, Placentia, Riverside, Redlands, Montclair, Los Angeles.

Rev. Leland Stewart, founder of the Unity-Diversity World Council, Los Angeles,
Rev. Elizabeth Stewart, co-founder of the Unity-Diversity World Council,
Professor Dr. Janet Hoskins of the Anthropology Department of the USC.

Following are CaoDai Organizations and disciples who could not come, but have sent their suggestions by mails and fax:
Rev. Minh Ly Do Vang Ly-Perris Temple,
Orange Temple of California Diocese,
Ban The Dao–San Jose,
Sister Le-Sanh Pham Huong Lam-Allentown-Pensylvania,
Rev. Le-Sanh Luong Thanh Nhi-Houston Temple,
Brother Ta Thanh Thuong-London, former General Secretary of the Judiciary Council
Rev. Dong Tan Tran Thai Chan-Australia,
PTS. Truong Van Du, Wupertal Temple–Germany,
Professor Dr. Nguyen Khac Tien Tung-Leipzig University-Germany,
CaoDai Councils-Brisbane- Perth- Victoria-Melbourne-New South Wales-Sydney,
Brother Bui Chanh Giao-Vancouver-Washington,
George Phuc Thanh Nguyen-Washington-D.C.
Ngasha Beck-Huy, Shreveport, Louisiana

Result of the election of officers of CaoDai Giao Hai Ngoai Councils
The Council of Dignitaries and Elders:
President: Rev. Ngoc Sach Thanh
Vice Presidents: Rev. Che Thuan Nghiep and Rev. Thong Huyen Quang Phan Luong Quoi.
New members of the Council: Brother Pham Van Dang-London, Brother Bui Quang Khanh-Irvine, Brother Nguyen Huu Hanh- Pomona, Sister Giao Huu Ngoc Tram Huong-San Jose.
The Executive Council:
General Secretary: Dr. Che Tung, D.D.S.
The Judiciary Council:
General Secretary: Son Rotha

Projects for the next term of the Councils of Cao Dai Giao Hai Ngoai:
1- Projects for the young generation.
2- Projects for women and children.
3- Establishment of CaoDai Study Centers in the US. and Germany for Vietnamese and foreign students, disciples and scholars.
4- Committee for promoting co-operation and harmony between CaoDai Organizations
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