Prayer In Honor of Buddhism or Audio

Wednesday, July 18, 20187:43 PM(View: 30948)
Prayer In Honor of Buddhism or Audio

Over primordial chaos reigned the Supreme Being;
A single breath the world's common source,
All within the Almighty's grasp.
The inextinguishable flame of intelligence
Illuminating across all 36 heavens.
The Dao flows as an irradiating stream,
Lighting the way for all beings,
Expressing the highest truth,
Of non-action, and non-reaction.
In a single gust of wind (the "KHI" flow)
Emulating an edifice,
As beautiful as a rainbow
Supporting the horizon.
Using the sword of wisdom
As a way to cultivate TINH, KHI, THAN
The KHI flow opening the third Eye (Monad),
And subsequently the chakra Huyen Quan (Crown chakra)
Unites human essence to The Great Nil;
The sky, the earth, humanity,
All from this lofty Source.
We are blessed on our path toward Illumination
Thanks to immeasurable mercy, inestimable vow. (The great vow of the Buddha
was to save ALL humanity, otherwise he will not go to Nirvana)
Lord Buddha's sanctity is unbounded,
His compassion, unconditional.
From the original breath of life springs the Dao;
Nhien Dang Co Phat, (the name of the old time Buddha which means the
everlasting light)
The Great Emptiness the pure Dao,
The Great Nil the true Teaching.
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