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Posted by Oni Zeriph on 5/24/2005 9:00 AM
What type of music do you listen to. Is it inspired by your religous belief's or a musical genre of comeplete personal gain, like Hip-Hop or Heavy Metal?
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Posted by hum bui on 6/20/2005 2:43 PM
Music always expresses vividly feelings and personalities of people, which are proper for each country. Vietnamese people are always gentle and religious under influences of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism from China, and Christianity from Europe. There are two kinds of Vietnamese music, one is traditional, the other one is modern. Most Vietnamese enjoy modern music imported from the Western traditions by French.

Vietnamese believe always in the Supreme Being as a gentle father nurturing all beings. CaoDai, a novel religion founded in Vietnam, has the principle that all religions have one same divine origin, teach the same truths, and are just different manifestations of one same truth.

CaoDai music has five principal sounds representing five primary “Chi” of the heaven, and five primary elements of earth. The eight kinds of music instruments represent eight level of souls: materials, plants, animals, humans, angels, saints, immortals, and buddhas. When Caodai music is played, eight levels of souls become livingly conscious:

The eight levels of souls are meditating and greeting the creator.

All beings pray to the Supreme Being.

In a ceremony worshipping God, when all disciples are in their position, the master of ceremony announces:

1- Loi Am Co Khoi (Starting thunder drum): the drum then starts with the chant:

Loi am thanh co triet hu khong (The holy drum sounds through the cosmic ether)

Truyen tau Can Khon the gioi thong (wakening all universe)

Dao phap duong kim duong chanh giao (with propagation of the great divine teachings).

Linh quang chieu dieu Ngoc Kinh cung (as divine bright light shining to the Diamond Palace)

2- Bach Ngoc Chung Minh (Striking the white jade bell) with the following chant:

Than chung thinh huong phong phong do (Holy and miraculous bell sounds through Hell)

Dia tang khai mon phong xa co (to liberate all souls)

Tam ky van chuyen Kim quang hien (CaoDai, the great way, brings light to the dark dimension)

Sam hoi am hon xuat u do (to guide evil souls to repent and get out of the darkness)

3- Nhac Tau quan thien (Next is the music to greet the Supreme Being). Music then starts including seven pieces:

1. xang xe (back and forth actions) representing the primary chaotic ether.

2. Ngu doi thuong: (the five primary “chi”’s ascension) representing the ascension of the five primary energies forming the heaven.

3. Ngu doi ha (the descent of the five primary elements) representing the creation of the earth.

4. Long dang (the ascension of the dragon) representing the Yang energy ascension.

5. Long ngam (the descent of the dragon) representing the descent of the Yin energy.

6. Van Gia (creation of ten thousand things) representing all beings.

7. Tieu khuc (Tiny piece) representing all tiny things of the creation.

The seven pieces to greet the Supreme Being reflect the CaoDai cosmology: The Supreme Being exists from the chaotic ether. Then the reaction between Yin and Yang energies (corresponding to electrons and positrons) will create the universe.

Then the chanting of prayers including:

1- Incense offering prayer

2- Prelude

3- Chant dedicated to the Jade Emperor God

4- Chant dedicated to the way of Buddha (Hinduism and Buddhism)

5- Chant dedicated to the way of Immortals (Taoism)

6- Chant dedicated to the way of Saints (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Confucianism)

7- Offering of the three gems: flowers (Tinh, physical energy), wine (Chi, emotions), and tea (Than, spirit)

8- the five vows chants.

In CaoDai ceremony, there are always prayers dedicated to all main religions of humanity including the way of Buddhas, the way of Immortals, the way of Saints (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Confucianism).

So believing in religious oneness, CaoDai ceremony brings all religions together in harmony. Besides, the rituals performed for the three gems offering represent the return to the inner self, the heart, in order to reach unification with God.

In summary, CaoDai music and rituals express the principle of creation of the universe and the harmony of all religions together leading humans to return to the inner self for the ultimate unification with God.
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Posted by Phuoc Thao Ha on 12/11/2005 6:52 AM
Thân gởi anh Hùm và chị Hồng,

Tôi về VN 3 tháng, đã qua Đức. Tôi đã scan nguyên cuốn Huyền Diệu Cơ Bút, nhưng không có chỗ cho vào internet. Tôi sẽ gởi cho anh chị CD và nếu anh có Domain thì cho vào (với PDF Acrobat).
Chúc anh chị nhiều sức khoẻ, tu hành tinh tấn.

Hà Phước Thảo
Địa chỉ:

Hafnerstrasse 4
83043 Bad Aibling
RE: Music:THIẾU ĐỒNG HÀNH KHÚC(reply : edit : del)
Posted by nguyen phong on 12/24/2006 12:55 AM
Nào cùng ngồi quanh dây, chúng ta thiếu đồng đạo cao. Với tâm niệm tu tiến cùng nối bước theo chị anh. Nguyện gắn công tu học, nguyện lập tâm thánh thiện quyết yêu mến mọi ngươì quyết xứng danh là học trò tiên .
Ta là những măn non ngày nay
Ta là những măn non ngày mai nương bóng đạo tương lai sáng ngờ tạo đời thánh đức ngày sau.
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