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Geoffrey Hodson and CaoDai.

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Posted by hum bui on 5/12/2005 2:25 PM

Le Anh Dung joined the Co Quan Pho Thong Giao Ly in 1977. In 1983, he was teaching English literature. Reverend Bao Phap Cho Quan Chon Tam (Nguyen Trieu Kha) handed him an old record of spiritual messages regarding the participation of Reverend Geoffrey Hodson in a CaoDai spiritual session. It was a seance at Huon Cung oracle of the Cao Dai Thong Nhut held at midnight on September 17, 1959 (the 15th day of the 8th month of the year of the pig). Members of the seance consisted of Hai Than as Phap Dan (Seance Protector), Hue Duc as Chung Dan (Seance Testifier), and Hue Thanh as medium. The recording team consisted of Thai Quoi, Bach Mai, Hoa Tho for the Vietnamese recording and Thien Vuong Tinh for the English recording. Among the participants, were Reverend Geoffrey Hodson and Ms. Sandra Chase as two special guests with other members of the Theosophical Society. During his visit to the Vietnamese Theosophical Society, Reverend Hodson had requested to participate in a CaoDai seance for his furhter study. The spiritual Giao Tong, Ly Thai Bach, came. After giving messages in Vietnamese, he granted a special message to the guests. He said: “I would like you brothers and sisters as well as the guests to understand a little about the divine mystery. Mysticism is difficult. You have to have hard work and endurance. Brother Thien Vuong Tinh, please record this English message for the guests. Dear Geoffrey Hodson and Sandra Chase! What a surprise! What happiness! I have come to you several times before this, as your intuition should have informed you. Certainly, the connection between you and me, and also between you and Christ are always mixed up in each other. If you know that your duty in this world is to help all creatures with your heart by propagating the Holy teachings of God, then you know that your destiny is a bridge for your return journey to God. I always live in your heart. Many times you have been astonished to know that. As soon as I manifest, you receive good thoughts to help mankind. Nothing lasts forever on the earth, except religious teachings and love. You help everyone. That is, you help yourselves. You love everyone. That is you love yourselves and love God. God loves all and save all. When mankind loves one another, there is no more war and it will live a peaceful life. Today’s meeting will be a precious memory and an occasion for you to make some good friends who share your belief. That is enough. I hope to meet you next time. Good bye!”

In CaoDai history, the Master taught “CaoDai changes according to human hearts.” Indeed, to guide humanity, in particular those of no faith, the Supreme Being often used Sino-Vietnamese and French, although the mediums were not fluent in those languages. The use of English in this seance is just one example.

In relating simple teaching from the spiritual Giao Tong in this session, Le Anh Dung did not intent to show anything specially mystical, but just to share an experience.

In current situation of Vietnam, there have not been many spiritual sessions. Many may wonder about them and wish to learn more about these spiritual sessions. One friend who is a scientist of the religious study department of Hanoi, and who is interested in CaoDai spiritual sessions, has wondered if CaoDai will ever have spiritual sessions again. Without hesitation, he told her that CaoDai without the Hiep Thien Dai (the connection between God and humans) is not a complete CaoDai.
One of our respectable dignitaries used to say:

“As long as there is still the sky, the mountain, the water,

As long as there is still the river, the ocean, our Master is still coming in spiritual sessions.”

Moreover, anyone who reaches purity, and love may experience in an instant of ecstasy the wisdom to guide him/her in the service to humanity. This may be considered as a kind of spiritual communication. In order to reach this status, one must spend time in meditatation and in self purification. The teaching of the spiritual Giao Tong to Geoffrey Hodson and Sandra Chase increased their faith.

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