For the Rhythm of Our Journey

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For the Rhythm of Our Journey
For the Rhythm of Our Journey

This book, "For the Rhythm of Our Journey" describes personal experiences of spiritual transformation and realization of oneness with cosmic principle and its universe, a state that concludes with immense harmony and peace with all. It shows how human beings are all connected by a spark of divine light that exists in all and how different faith traditions teach similarly true love and golden rule. It offers a practical approach on how one can attain realization with the triple fold path of service, self-cultivation and return to inner self together with vegetarianism as much as possible. The book also enlightens on the scientific aspects of the oneness of all in the universe and of the practice of plant based diet. It gives a solid promise for the future once we faith and non-faith alike realize our sublime nature and learn of means to discover it and returns to our sublime origin.

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